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The Story Of Tricann

Time stops for no one and the inevitability of old age is a physical decline that we all face in our life.

We have all been witness to a family member or friend that has struggled with a decline in health due to age, trauma, or hereditary disorders. Tricann is a cannabis-oriented caregiver that focuses on the treatment and prevention of serious ailments that people face throughout their lifetime.

Our professional and medical approach focuses on assessing the ailments and providing a product that can assist the body in achieving a better quality of life.

Through education and research, we have created specifically dosed cannabinoidal amounts within every product we offer. We believe that the use of cannabinoids can lead to a better quality of life for everyone and through this belief we will continue to provide and develop products to prolong the well-being of others.

The Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis & Your Health

Cannabis dramatically reduces the pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy and can also stimulate patient appetite. One of the most well-known medical uses of marijuana is to help people going through chemotherapy.

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We have had very good results with Pet Love for our 10-year-old English lab. Our dog has chronic pain from elbow dysplasia and, since starting, Pet Love has replaced daily doses of prescription anti-inflammatories and painkillers and over-the-counter glucosamine-chondroitin. Gary
I am a 78-year-old male with trouble sleeping through the night. Like clockwork, I wake by 3:00 AM and toss and turn the rest of the morning. PM has made a noticeable difference in the quality and duration of my sleep. While I continue to wake about 3:00 AM, I am much more likely to fall back to sleep for a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep. John
Tricann has been a real life saver. During my working hours, it has enabled me to get pain relief without compromising my mental acuity, exactly what i needed. I highly recommend it. Becky

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