The Story of Tricann

Medical Cannabis

We have all been witness to a family member or friend that has struggled with a decline in health due to age, trauma, or hereditary disorder. Our father is plagued with pain on a daily basis, suffering from a rare autoimmune disease, We’ve watched our grandmother’s mental acuity decline everyday as Alzheimer’s took over her brain and our mother suffers from constant daily pain due to a trauma that occurred many years ago. Watching these and many other friends and family members develop conditions and go through situations that affected their ability to lead to good quality of life became my goal in developing the Tricann product line.

Tricann is a cannabis-oriented caregiver that focuses on the treatment and prevention of serious ailments that people face throughout their lifetime. Our professional and medical approach focuses on assessing these ailments and providing a product that can assist the body in achieving a better quality of life. Through education and research we have created specifically dosed cannabinoidal amounts with every product that we offer. We believe that the use of cannabinoids can lead to a better quality of life for everyone and through this belief we will continue to provide and develop products to prolong the well-being of others.

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